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This section is all about the nik naks that all techs need in their kit!!...... Take your time to browse through these must have items. From pinching tools to nail art rings, brush cases to nail display sticks. This is definitely the 'goodies" page!!! 


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C Curve Pincher

C Curve Pincher  Nail Pinching Tool. Perfect  C Curve Shaping Tool. Create precision..
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C Curve Pincher Multi tool

Dual C Curve Pincher Made of High Quality Stainless Steel, this dual pinch tweezer is not only ha..
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C Curve Pinching Clamps

Plastic C Curve Pinching Clamps Adjustable Strength and Pressure Pinch and Hold C-curve Str..
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C Curve Pinching sticks set

Plastic C Curve Pinching Clamps Adjustable Strength and Pressure Pinch and Hold C-curve Str..
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Cuticle Nippers

Cuticle Nippers Standard Good cuticle nippers that feel good to use are hard to find - look no fu..
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Cuticle Nippers Plus

Cuticle Nippers Plus The Cutting Nippers are twice the size of the standard Nippers Blade Good..
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Liquid Pump Dispenser

 Liquid Pump Dispenser   Best use for gel cleanser, tip removal, acrylic liquid, ace..
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Manicure Brushes

Manicure Brushes Ideal brush for cleaning dust from nail plate after filing and is washable ..
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Mixing Spatula

Mixing Spatula Flax Mixing Single-Ended spatula is the perfect tool for precise product mixing an..
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Pro Cuticle pusher/spatula

Dual function Cuticle pusher/ spatula. Our best cuticle tool yet!!!....Really can you get that ex..
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Soak Off Foil Nail Wrap 100

Soak Foil Nail Wraps 100pcs Remove Gel Polish / Acrylic nail extensions quickly, with easy to use..
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Sponge Roll Nail Wipe

Sponge roll nail wipe Medical grade non-sterile lint free wipes. Perfect for polish removal, bru..
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Brush Case Stand

Brush case to ensure that all your Nail Brush collection are always neatly and safely stor..
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Color Display Pops 50pcs

Colour pop sticks on a metal ring to display all your colours of gel, gel polish, acrylic, regular p..
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Flexi Finger Wrap

Flexi Wrap protects your nails and skin from abrasion whilst working on your clients. ..
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