Acrylic Monomer

Precision monomer is the perfect partner for our acrylic powders. Non yellowing with maximum adhesion properties. You can rest assure that you are working with a high quality product, manufactured under strict quality control and complying with EU regulations and standards.


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Precision Liquid Monomer 100ml - 1000ml

Precision Liquid Monomer Salon size 100ml - 1000mlPrecision monomer with advanced components. Dra..
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Acid Free Primer / Bonder 10ml

Acid Free Primer / Bonder – 10ml 3 in 1 pH balance agent Chemically prepares the nails for Nai..
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Acid Primer / Bonder 10ml

Acid Primer / Bonder – 10ml •3 in 1 pH balance agent •Chemically prepares the nails for Nail G..
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Ceramic Monomer dappen dish black

Ceramic Monomer dappen dish (black) Designed for liquid Monomer. Reduces odours and contamination..
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Monomer Glass dappen dish Clear Square

 Monomer Glass dappen dish - Square Clear S1 This Dishes are designed to make it easier for ..
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Liquid Sucker

Liquid Sucker or Disposable Pasteur Pipettes This is ideal to use with Liquid Monomer For accurat..
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